Club Fours Championship

Two Thursday attempts to play
but rain put a very quick stop to both.

😊 😊 Runners Up 😊 😊
L-R  Pat Thornton, Wendy Heath, Fay Moulton, Liz Harris.


                                                  Finally Saturday the sun shone and the heat came back                                     

L-R Kath Leeson, Sonia Stokes, Sue Gemmell, Meryl Cockbain
😊 😊 😊 😊

Wishing Everyone Good Health, Good Luck,
Good Bowling 2020

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Saturday 14th December, 2019

Fours Runners Up
Sharon Becker, Michelle McNeill (not present), Sue Theideman R, Sue Gemmell L

Fours Winners
Maureen Saggus R, Wendy Heath (not present) Alma Schofield L, Margaret Oliver C.

Triples Runners Up
Maureen Saggus L, Alma Schofield R, Margaret Oliver C

Triples Winners
Julie Grant (not present) Marion Walsh L, Pat Thornton R.

Major Pairs Runners Up
Robyn Matthews R, Sue Gemmell L. 

Major Pairs Winners
Kerry Bonner R, Denise Ellison L

Consistancy Runner Up
Norma Wright

Consistancy Winner
Kath Leeson

Gold Star Award
Shirley Harris

Major Singles Runner Up
Denise Ellison

Major Singles Winner
Norma Wright

Women's Bowler of the Year
Denise Ellison

Women's President Sue, Bowls Coordinator Beth, Men's President Tony.

Shirley Harris
Shirley has had several health issues, but keeps trying to put a bowl down
and is always available to help when ever and where ever needed. 

Wishing everyone a Joyous Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. 
Good Luck and Good Bowling.

Individual photos in Photos Christmas 
clubs competition played between 
Terrigal, Avoca, The Entrance.

😊😊 Winners The Entrance 😊😊

19th May 2019

The Entrance
 L-R Marion Walsh, Sue Gemmell, Kerry Bonner, Sharon Becker, Meryl Cockbain, Sue Thiedeman, Michelle McNeill, Kath Leeson.

Lots more pics in Photos, Pennants

District Pennant Playoffs
Grade 4

 Kath Leeson, Sue Thiedeman, Michelle McNeill, Marion Walsh, Kerry Bonner,
Meryl Cockbain, Sue Gemmell, Sharon Becker.

L-R Kerry Bonner, Sue Thiedeman, Michelle McNeill, Kath Leeson, Sue Gemmell, Marion Walsh, Meryl Cockbain, Sharon Becker, Norma Wright.

Lots more pics in Photos - Pennants